Help with identifying fungi

The fruit-bodies of fungi come in a bewildering range of shapes, sizes, textures and colours. The fruit body can look very different depending on its age and the conditions in which it grows. A further complication is that the science of mycology is in its infancy and only a small percentage of fungi have been described. This means the search for a name for the fungus you see can be painstaking.

We sell a wide range of books on fungi in our shop and, for beginners, we recommend Fungi Down Under which has 100 Australian species that are relatively common and distinctive.

We can help identify your fungi but to do this we need good photographs and descriptions. See here for tips on this.

Your observations play an important role in mapping species so if you pinpoint the place and time, your record will go on our database of over 100,000 records which we share with the Atlas of Living Australia.

Send us your record and photograph/s using the form below, and our volunteers we will do their best to assist. This is a free service but we very much welcome donations to assist with the research and projects we conduct.

Request for help with identifying fungi

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