Sarah Lloyd

Sarah Lloyd’s passion for natural history began in early childhood with a love of birds. After moving to a tall wet eucalypt forest in central north Tasmania in 1988 and joining the Central North Field Naturalists, her interests broadened to include plants, bryophytes, invertebrates and fungi.

Since 2010 Sarah has been preoccupied with acellular slime moulds, the myxomycetes. She has collected more than 1600 specimens representing over 115 species at her forested home at Black Sugarloaf, Birralee. She reminds us that slime moulds are not fungi – they are amoebae. See here for our page on slime moulds.

CC BY-SA applies for use of these images.

Here is Sarah’s website and here in photos and descriptions, is a month in the life of Bedfordia salicina.

The third revised edition of Sarah’s book; Where the slime mould creeps is now in our shop, see here, and includes many more astounding photos of these little gems.