FDU2 Maps

Each map can be zoomed (use + and – buttons on the top left corner), and you can see information for each point (such as the source of the record) by clicking on the point. Maps were created in July 2019.

For Fungimap records, recorders are referred to by Fungimap recorder number in the IDENTIFIER.ID field. If you would like to check your recorder number, please contact: fungimapids@gmail.com.

Maps for A – C species

Maps for D – L species

Maps for M – P species

Maps for R – X species

(Some maps files were too big to load on the Fungimap website, but can be emailed on request, see here.)

Fungi Down Under 2 will include species maps (as was done for FDU1) and, in the lead up to publication, we want to identify gaps in the currently known distribution or any dots that look to be in the wrong place to make the final maps as accurate as possible.

The above test maps, in alphabetical order – have been prepared by August Hao (University of Melbourne), bringing together records from Fungimap’s data base, the Atlas of Living Australia, the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, iNaturalist and Mycoportal.

Please check maps of species you are familiar with and see if there are any gaps in the currently known distribution or any dots that look like they are in the wrong place. Maps are zoomable, with  selection of background layers, and clicking on each point shows data for that point.

See here to respond and here for more information