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As well as to help run our general programs, we are currently fundraising for some specific goals:

  • Fungi Conservation Officer – our long term goal is to fund a national Fungi Conservation Officer position, so we can begin making headway in threat assessments for our most vulnerable and threatened fungi species. There is no one employed within government to do this work, and fungi lag a long way behind plants and animals in threat assessment and conservation action plan work.
  • Research grants – we would like to launch another round of research grants in early 2025, funding for citizen scientists to develop projects focussed on fungi conservation in their region. Past grant recipients have explored the Cortinarius genus in the Adelaide Hills of SA, described new fungi taxa in SW WA, and experimented with innovative ways of testing the presence of the Critically Endangered Hypocreopsis amplectens (Tea-tree Fingers) in soil. With very few people employed to work in the mycology sphere in Australia, citizen scientists are critical to progressing our understanding of Australian fungi, and these research grants are an important form of support to make this happen.

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