Leave a living legacy

A bequest to Fungimap is a gift of lasting, positive change for a better, more beautiful world for your family and future generations. Leaving a bequest is also a powerful reflection of the values and principles you treasure.

Fungi face the same threats as plants and animals from climate change, pollution, over-exploitation, and habitat destruction and fragmentation.

Your living legacy will cost you nothing now but, large or small, it will help us protect fungi and the environment through advocacy, conservation work, and education.

Everyone should have a Will:  A Will gives you the power to choose how your assets are used. They are not just for wealthy people; everyone should have a will. They need not be expensive or complicated, but legal advice will ensure your Will is clear and valid.

If you decide to leave a gift to Fungimap, there are several options.

  • Percentage: Leave a portion of your estate to Fungimap (a good way to ensure your gift keeps its value over time)
  • Residual: Leave the remainder of your estate to Fungimap after specific gifts have been distributed.
  • Pecuniary: Make a specified gift of cash to Fungimap.
  • Asset: Gift to Fungimap specific items such as property or shares, bonds, or other items of value.

Updating an existing Will:  If you’d like to include Fungimap in your existing Will, add a Codicil (an amendment to your Will). Codicils are a simple and effective way to make updates without re-writing your entire Will. You’ll need to ensure it’s signed and witnessed by a solicitor or Public Trustee.

Suggested wording:  After deciding the type of bequest, you’d like to make, ask your solicitor to draft a clause. The following words are a guide only and subject to your solicitor’s advice:

“I give

(a) the residue (or percentage) of the residue of my estate; or

(b) the sum of $(amount); or (specified items)

to Fungimap (ABN 28 290 974 280) to be held upon Trust and to be applied towards Macrofungi conservation purposes in accordance with the Constitutional objectives of Fungimap in its absolute discretion to determine.”

Here’s how we can thank you!

A bequest that supports our work provides us with the greatest flexibility to respond to critical priorities; however, if you have a particular purpose in mind we can accommodate this.

Bequests can shape the history of Fungimap and will be recognised on our bequest supporter honour board unless you prefer to remain anonymous.

If you would like to let us know you have left a gift in your Will to Fungimap, please contact us. This information will not be shared or disclosed to any third party and will be kept strictly confidential – see our privacy policy.


photo above: Marasmius subsect Haematocephali, Steve Axford