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A LITTLE BOOK OF CORALS (REVISION 3) 2018 (2), Pat & Ed Grey Has descriptions and photographs of 39 species including 5 new: Clavicorona taxophila, Clavulina tasmanica, Ramaria pyrispora, Ramaria watlingii and Samaria samuelsii.  Also a CORAL FUNGI DESCRIPTION SHEET (downloadable free).

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Fungi of the Perth Region and Beyond – free downloadable field guide for WA fungi published by the WA Field Naturalists


State of the World’s Fungi Symposium 2018 Report – a must read!


Australasian Mycological Society Field Naturalists Club of Victoria – extensive section of website for identification of fungi

Part 1 “Introduction” introduces you to Fungi In Australia and also to the Kingdom Fungi. Part 2 “Ascomycota: Pezizomycotina” contains the descriptions of ascomycetes. Part 3 “Basidiomycota: Agaricomycotina : I” contains the order Agaricales, which includes most of the gilled fungi. Part 4 “Basidiomycota: Agaricomycotina : II” contains the rest of the orders that make up Agaricomycotina, which are predominantly species of non-gilled fungi. Parts 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 comprise the “Photographic Guides”, which can be used in the field to assist in the identification process.

Queensland Mycological Society

Sarah Lloyd Searching for slime moulds in northern Tasmania – a beautiful website with lots of photos and information on this subject.

Western Australian Field Naturalists – Fungi Study Group

Australian National Herbarium section on fungi

Fungi on flickr

Fungal Network of New Zealand

NZ Nature Watch – now merged with iNaturalist

Wanaaki Whenua Landcare Research NZ


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Fungus Conservation Trust UK

State of the World’s Fungi Report 2018

BBC Earth: The whimsical world of waxcaps

Roy E. Halling, New York Botanical Gardens, Curator of Mycology, Institute of Systematic Botany Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1980 Specialty: Agaricales and Boletales (mushrooms, puffballs and related groups)
Mycoweb – Fungi of California

Asian Mycological Society

Mycological Society of America

International Mycological Society 

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