Fungi Down Under – 100 target species

Hypholoma fasciculare – Sulphur Tuft

In 2005 Fungimap published Fungi Down Under – the Fungimap Guide to Australian Fungi by Pat Grey and Ed Grey.  It was produced entirely by volunteers and in partnership with the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria.

Identifying fungi can be extremely difficult so this publication starts with 100 species that:

  • are reasonably easy to identify in the field
  • are relatively widespread
  • have enough recorded observations to allow a general picture of distribution
  • cover a range of fungal groups

It has a clear, easy-to-use, page-per-species format, the descriptions are comprehensive and there are two or more photos of each species showing different forms and features. It has:

  • an introductory section giving important background information on fungi and their classification, with techniques for observing and identifying fungi
  • detailed, illustrated descriptions of the hundred ‘target’ species and information on more than fifty similar species which may be encountered
  • six appendixes with additional information which may be useful or interesting including a glossary, a list of names previously used, guides to the pronunciation and meaning of scientific names, and an extensive reference list.

See in the drop down menu below the tables of species and if you click on the names you will go to short descriptions and photos of each.

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In 2019 a sequel will be published, bringing the list to 200 species.