Fungus videos going viral

This is exciting. If you are new to fungi or your children are interested in nature, these videos are a must-see and a very good guide to finding and understanding mushrooms, wherever you live.

They were produced by the team at Natural Resources SA Murray Darling Basin, SA Government. Dr Jasmin Packer – our Fungimap Vice President – had fun pitching in and she presents the iNaturalist video.

See the videos here:

The Kingdom of Fungi

  • how fungi get their food
  • how they are helpful to plants and animals
  • how they send messages on the ‘fungi-internet’
  • their shapes and how they spread their spores

How to go for a Fungi Walk

  • follow primary school children learning how to find and identify 10 ‘target’ species

How to use iNaturalist and the Fungimap Project

  • a guide to finding the iNaturalist app
  • logging in to the iNaturalist Fungimap Australia project
  • sharing photos of fungi
  • adding information
  • joining the citizen science team
  • making your own records

photos courtesy of Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board