Fungimap AGM 2019

Notice is hereby given of the 2019 Fungimap Inc. Annual General Meeting which will be held on Thursday 2 May in Perth, WA, at 5:30 pm local time which equates to 7:30 pm EST and 7:00 pm Australian Central Daylight Time.

Location: 21 Rankin Rd, Shenton Park, Perth WA or the meeting can be attended electronically via Zoom.

To nominate or send proxies follow this Fungimap AGM 2019 notice, please send nomination and proxy forms to secretary Paul George. This needs to be signed and lodged with the secretary by Thursday 25 April 2019. Please contact Roz Hart (email in notice) for a Zoom invitation.

President’s Vision for Fungimap

As Fungimap President my vision of Fungimap is that we are a National group with the role to educate and enable regional Fungi groups to gather the information required to put Australia’s Fungi on the map.
How? By:

  • Providing a national base, giving us a united voice to push for and argue in favour of Fungi in the conservation sphere.
  • Producing educational aids and where possible assistance with regional workshops and forays.
  • Applying for grants to conduct workshops and forays to raise awareness and interest in fungi and to involve more of the general community.
  • Having a central office at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria in Melbourne from which our coordinator operates.
  • Making use of social media such as Facebook and apps like iNaturalist to involve the interested public who are excited about the fantastic fungi photos they now take with smartphones and good small cameras. They want to know something about what they have photographed. It’s just one step more to arouse their curiosity, pique their interest in fungi and engage them in fungi appreciation and conservation.

As usual, Fungimap members will vote from the nominations received for six members to be the next Fungimap executive: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 2 committee members. President Roz Hart, Vice President Jasmin Packer, Treasurer Sara Romberg, and committee members Lyn Allison and Laurton McGurk have indicated that they will stand for re- election. However Paul George who has been our one and only Secretary since incorporation has indicated that he wishes to stand down.

So, most importantly we are looking for a new secretary The Secretary can be located anywhere in Australia. We already hold our committee meetings electronically using Zoom, a teleconferencing facility. Secretarial duties are to produce agendas for each meeting, to take, keep and circulate minutes of meetings, keep records, and generally to work with our Fungimap coordinator to ensure compliance with our obligations as an incorporated Not-For-Profit group. If you have any questions about the position, Paul would be happy to talk these through with you. This is a great opportunity for a new player to contribute towards Fungimap in Australia.

In addition to the usual voting for the next year’s committee, there will be a motion to accept alteration to our Constitution to make it fit the recommended model rules. It is a government condition that is required of all Australian incorporated bodies this year. Information about these alterations will be placed on our website for all members to read. We hope members will support these changes, which, as well as the required alterations, include our move to having a more flexible number of committee members as we would like to have the ability to expand longer term to enable better regional representation.

For more information please contact Roz Hart (email in attached notice above).