Taxonomy Aust website goes live

Geastrum quadrifidium © Alison Pouliot

Are you fascinated by Australia’s biodiversity, it’s plants, fungi and creatures great and small? Did you know that thousands of new species are discovered and described by Australia’s taxonomists every year? Or that an estimated 70% of Australia’s species have yet to be discovered, described, classified and named?

Taxonomy Australia supports, advocates, and informs around the sciences of taxonomy and biosystematics – discovering Australia’s species and understanding its biodiversity.

Taxonomy Australia is open to join, subscribe and learn, see here.

And here is a taste:

Australian taxonomists discover more new species every year than almost any other country in the world. Even so, best estimates are that only 30% of Australian species have been discovered and named so far. Taxonomy Australia is working to accelerate the discovery of all Australia’s species, before it’s too late.