Fungimap Coordinator position

We invite applications for the part-time (0.3) position of Fungimap Coordinator, responsible for the overall coordination of Fungimap, the Fungimap office at the Royal Botanic Gardens, financial systems, reporting, events, communications, and the coordination of volunteers.

The ideal candidate will have an Honours level degree in Science or equivalent experience. The successful candidate should also have experience in coordinating events and/or other project management experience, including preparing and monitoring budgets.

Additionally, experience with book-keeping and managing e-commerce, and the MYOB financial software package or equivalent is essential.

See here for the Position Description on the RBG website and here for lodging your application through Careers Vic.

This Fungimap Coordinator position became vacant at end December 2018 with the resignation of Dr Sapphire McMullan-Fisher. Sapphire continues in her role of Fungimap Mycologist for Victorian State Government’s CVA program to Protect Victoria’s Unique Biodiversity.