Fungi images needed for FDU2

Calyptella longipes P Vallier CC BY-SA

The second edition of Fungi Down Under is well under way. This edition will have 100 further species, bringing the total number of species to 200. We will also be including pages giving further information on each of the major groups covered in the book.

We (editors Tom May, Pam Catcheside, and Sarah Lloyd) would be grateful for images of any of the following Fungimap target species that are proposed for the second edition:

Agarics Coral
Amanita flavella Septobasidium clelandii
Amanita hemibapha Cups & discs
Chlorophyllum molybdites Gyromitra tasmanica
Cortinarius canarius Trichaleurina javanica
Cyclocybe (Agrocybe) parasitica False truffle
Entoloma austroroseum Setchelliogaster tenuipes
Hypholoma brunneum Lichens
Laccaria sp. Cladia muelleri
Lentinellus tasmanicus Thamnolia vermicularis
Lentinula lateritia Polypore/Tough pore fungi
Lentinus sajor-caju Coltriciella dependens
Lentinus tuber-regium Smooth or wrinkled fungi
Lepiota sublilacina Auricularia delicata group
Macrolepiota dolichauli Calyptella longipes
Multifurca stenophylla Henningsomyces candidus
Oudemansiella exannulata Stinkhorn
Pholiota aurivella group Itajahya horneseyi
Xeromphalina leonine Tooth fungi
Bolete Auriscalpium barbatum
Australopilus palumanus Gyrodontium sacchari

We would also be grateful for images of the following:

  • Gloeoporus phlebophorus
  • Any named resupinate polypore
  • Nidularia species
  • Mycocalia species
  • Any named Clathrus species
  • Auricularia auricula-judae
  • Auricularia cornea
  • Auricularia mesenterica
  • Dacryopinax spathularia
  • Phellorinia herculeana
  • Pseudocolus fusiformis

Please send jpeg images at LOW resolution, i.e. 72 dpi and no larger than about 4 MB. Please DO NOT crop your photographs. Please rename every file you send with:

Name of fungus – can be abbreviated, e.g. Nidularia sp. could be Nid sp

Name of photographer – can be initials (if regular contributor to Fungimap)

It is essential for us to have your permission to use your photographs in the field guide so please submit the completed copyright permission form below.  Send your images to Photographers will of course be acknowledged in the book.

Thank you for your help.

Pam Catcheside, Tom May, Sarah Lloyd

Copyright permission

    By ticking the “Assign photo licence to Fungimap Inc.” on this form, the donor grants Fungimap Inc. a non-exclusive licence to reproduce and publish the photographic image(s) listed on this form, for research, educational and promotional uses. Examples of such uses are field guides, websites, media releases and lectures to community groups. The licence applies world-wide and is granted for the period of time that Fungimap Inc. uses the photographic image(s) or until copyright expires, whichever occurs first. Fungimap will ensure that the donor is acknowledged and copyright attributed as far as possible in all uses of the photographic image(s). Any person or organisation outside Fungimap requesting access to the photographic image(s) for reproduction will be referred to the donor. If you would like to use a different form of licence, please contact Fungimap office.