Fungi Blitz Rockhampton

The Fungi Blitz Rockhampton project aims to train citizen scientists to study, research and contribute data on Rockhampton Region (QLD) fungi. Additionally, we aim to raise awareness about the benefits of mycology (the study of fungi) and make this science easily accessible to the Rockhampton region community.

Our aims are:
To identify, describe and study species of Rockhampton Region fungi.
To uncover the DNA sequencing of the fungi found in the Rockhampton Region.
To contribute scientific data to iNaturalist, the Atlas of Living Australia and MycoBank (DNA).

The Fungi Blitz Rockhampton project is funded by the Rockhampton Regional Council (RRC) Environment and Sustainability grant, and is being delivered by Sherie Bruce, Capricorn Conservation Council volunteer. The project runs until the end of August.

The Rockhampton Region is finally seeing some rain which is resulting in hundreds of fungi species suddenly appearing. In our region the fungi are very quick, often lasting a few hours before they are gone. Our predominant fungi species are the Polypores (bracket fungi), which are much tougher, and live for many years on trees.

Some of our activities include fungi forays, Herbarium specimen preparation, DNA extraction and barcoding of our fungi samples. We have a project on iNaturalist “Fungi Blitz Rockhampton” so please follow us and check out our fungi. If you would like to get involved, contact Sherie at or join the Facebook page.

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