CVA project

Putting Victoria’s fungal biodiversity on the map

In late 2017 we were delighted to receive a Victorian Government Community & Volunteer Action (CVA) grant to support biodiversity protection and recovery actions. Our grant of $50,000 will be used to focus on fungi in five Victorian Catchment Management areas.

These are:

  • Port Phillip & Westernport (2018)
  • North Central (2018)
  • Goulburn-Broken (2018)
  • Corangamite/Glenelg Hopkins (2019)
  • West & East Gippsland (2019)
  • Wimmera (2019)

We are:

  • developing region-specific education kits
  • running workshops and field trips for:
    • citizen scientists in collection of recognisable fungi data
    • 15 species that are rare or threatened (lost) fungi
  • provide support for ongoing species identification checking using highly experienced Fungimap volunteers

These activities will help communities record their local fungi species – those that are recognisable and those that are thought to be rare or threatened.

Those data records will help clarify distribution, species abundance and pinpoint areas needing further research. Once the project is underway, we will encourage groups to share their knowledge with others in their community.