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Xylaria hypoxylon – Ray Palmer

In 2005 we published the ground-breaking guide to Fungimap’s 100 target specie: Fungi Down Under (reprinted in 2009) which has sold several thousand copies. It was the first fungal field guide globally to include maps of all species, and has been very successful in encouraging mapping of Australian fungi. Fungi Down Under was written and compiled entirely by citizen scientists who volunteered their time and expertise. The printing was largely funded by people who sponsored one or more species.

[Our Fungi Down Under pages in the top menu bar list these 100 species and you can click on the names to open up descriptions and photos.]

Fungi Down Under 2 will add a further 100 species to our mapping target. Writing for this new edition is underway and we aim to publish in 2019.

By sponsoring one or more of the species in this new edition, you can help with Fungimap projects such as the cost of printing Fungi Down Under 2.

See here for full list and sponsors

And below are those still available to be sponsored:

Agarics Jellies
1 Amanita arenaria 32 Auricularia cornea*
2 Amanita armeniaca 33 Auricularia auricula-judae*
27 Amanita hemibapha* 34 Auricularia mesenterica*
28 Auriscalpium barbatum* 35 Dacryopinax spathularia*
18 Heterotextus peziziformis group
4 Cyclocybe (Agrocybe) parasitica*
5 Cystoderma muscicola Laschioides
6 Descolea recedens group 19 Favolaschia calocera
7 Hypholoma brunneum
8 Simocybe phlebophora Lichens
20 Badimiella pteridophila
Boletes 21 Chrysothrix candellaris
9 Austroboletus lacunosus group 36 Cladia muelleri
29 Australopilus palumanus* 22 Xanthoparmelia semiviridis
10 Boletus edulis
23 Aurantiporus pulcherrimus
Crusts, cushions, balls & flasks 24 Hexagonia vesparia
12 Annulohypoxylon bovei 25 Laetiporus portentosus
13 Hypoxylon howeianum
30 Gloeoporus phlebophorus* Smooth or wrinkled fungi
14 Neobarya agaricicola 26 Cotylidia undulata
31 Phellorinia herculeana*
Cups & discs 37 Pseudocolus fusiformis*
15 Aleuria rhenana
16 Aleurina ferruginea
17 Gymnogaster boletoides

[Asterisk indicates those species for which we are also looking for photographs for publication. See here for a form for submitting photos.]

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