Re:wild and IUCN SSC become first global organisations to call for the recognition of fungi as one of the three kingdoms of life!

Environmental groups and the Chilean Ministry of Environment join the Fungi Foundation in committing to promote inclusive “fauna, flora and funga” language and ensure that fungi— which are critical to all life on Earth—are integrated into conservation strategies.

Thanks to the leadership of the Fungi Foundation, both Re:wild and the Species Survival Commission (SSC) of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) have announced their commitment to use “mycologically inclusive” language in their internal and public-facing communications (“fauna, flora and funga” and “animals, fungi and plants”) and to incorporate fungi in conservation strategies with rare and endangered plants and animals.

Although fungi underpin life on Earth, they have been overlooked and underappreciated, and largely excluded from conservation strategies and environmental laws. There would be no life on Earth without fungi: the yeasts, moulds and mushrooms that are critical to decomposition and forest regeneration, mammalian digestion, carbon sequestration, the global nutrient cycle, antibiotic medication, and the bread, beer and chocolate we consume. Trees would not be able to live on land without fungi.

“Re:wild is proud to embrace the ‘f’ word and support the 3F initiative,” said Barney Long, Re:wild’s senior director of conservation strategies. “Fungi are truly our planet’s life force, the great connectors, decomposers, regenerators. By ensuring that all macroscopic life is a key consideration in our work, including fungi, we can effectively protect and restore entire ecosystems. Fungi are absolutely critical in our mission to protect and rewild the world.” Read full press release here.

This is a major step forward, and we call on all Australian conservation organisations and levels of government to also recognise fungi through inclusive language, and integrate fungi into conservation strategies!