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The Wood Wide Web by the BBC – how trees talk to each other – with fungi of course!

Sarah Lloyd On ABC Gardening (18 Mar 2018) Sarah gives us a glimpse into the fascinating world of slime moulds – with their spore-producing stages appearing like tiny pieces of jewellery. She emphasises the vital role of fallen logs and litterer as habitat for slime moulds and other fungi and says There’s no such thing as waste on the forest floor.

Fungi are amazingDr Sapphire McMullan-Fisher interviewed by Suzy Ramone and Bec Kemp ABC National Digital Radio (1 July 2017)

Dr Tom May Talking from the Tarkine region of Tasmania, mycologist Tom May explains the importance of fungi in ecosystems and the ways that you can contribute to the Fungimap mapping scheme for Australian fungi.

David Attenborough on BBC 2 introduces the perplexing world of glowing fungi and asks, is fungal bioluminescence just a biochemical accident or is there a more important function at play? (a preview)

Dr Tom May  An overview of fungi

Dr Sapphire McMullan-Fisher explains what fungi are, the different types of fungi that make up this diverse kingdom, and the important ecological roles they play in our environment.

Dr Alison Pouliot  Finding cures for mycomyopia – embedding fungi in Australian biodiversity conservation. An engaging, humorous, and even poetic look at why the vitally important kingdom of Fungi are too often ignored in biodiversity actions and policies.

Dr Paul Stamets 6 ways mushrooms can save the world!

Dr Paul Stamets Mushroom magic – bioneers. Paul Stamets, visionary mycologist extraordinaire, has discovered several new species of mushrooms and pioneers countless techniques in the field of edible and medicinal mushroom cultivation

PBS Eons When giant fungi ruled! 420 million years ago a giant feasted on the dead, growing slowly into the largest living thing on land. It belonged to an unlikely group of pioneers that ultimately made life on land possible – the fungi.