NZ Nature Watch

Grid based photographs with title that shows when you hover mouse.

Field Nats of Victoria

Part 1 “Introduction” introduces you to Fungi In Australia and also to the Kingdom Fungi.
Part 2 “Ascomycota: Pezizomycotina” contains the descriptions of ascomycetes.
Part 3 “Basidiomycota: Agaricomycotina : I” contains the order Agaricales, which includes most of the gilled fungi.
Part 4 “Basidiomycota: Agaricomycotina : II” contains the rest of the orders that make up Agaricomycotina, which are predominantly species of non-gilled fungi.
Parts 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 comprise the “Photographic Guides”, which can be used in the field to assist in the identification process.

Here’s how they organise their downloadable Photographic Guide: