Research Grants

Both the inaugural Fungimap Research Grants and the Australasian Mycological Society Research Grants are now open for applications! Full details on the links below: 

Fungimap Research Grant Announcement 2022
Fungimap Research Grant Guide 2022
Australasian Mycological Society Research Grant 2022

The Fungimap Research Grant is open to citizen scientists and those building the capacity of fungi citizen science in Australia, while the Australasian Mycological Society Research Grant is open to people associated with an Australasian research organisation.

Fungimap is Australia’s national not-for-profit, citizen-science organisation dedicated to furthering the conservation and knowledge of Australian fungi. We aim to promote the mapping, understanding, and conservation of Australia’s macrofungi. 

Citizen scientists contribute by uploading or reviewing observations of fungi in our ‘Fungimap Australia’ project on iNaturalist, which becomes part of the Atlas of Living Australia. With more than 50,000 iNaturalist records, and an additional 100,000 email and paper-based records, Fungimap citizen scientists have built a substantial picture of how Australia’s macrofungi are distributed. Our evidence helped to inform the IUCN Red-Listing of 36 species in 2019, Fungi Down Under, and local fungi field guides. However many of Australia’s macrofungi still need to be discovered, described, and better protected. There are plenty of gaps in knowledge, particularly their distribution outside of major city centres, how populations are tracking, and successful strategies to conserve them. 

Citizen scientists are invited to apply for a Fungimap Research Grant to help cover the costs of their research for Australia’s native fungi. You may have uncovered a new species that has never been formally described and you need support for DNA sequencing. You may wish to discover how your local species are changing over time with climate change or land management. You may wish to research First Nations’ use and relationship with fungi. Or you may wish to run a workshop for citizen scientists to survey, ID and contribute records to iNaturalist or their local herbarium. We warmly welcome all ideas to discover more about Australia’s macrofungi and how to protect them!  

Our Fungimap Research Grants have been made possible by generous donations from individuals and organisations. We are a registered charity and donations or more than $2 are tax-deductible. Grants are available for citizen science projects commencing in 2022, with up to $3000 total funds expected to be distributed across two grant programs:

Spore Grants – to spawn new, innovative research. Grants can be a minimum of $500 up to a maximum of $1500. 

Strategic Research Grant – to support research that will have a positive, evidence-based impact on one or more of Fungimap’s research priorities of furthering understanding on: (1) target species in Fungi Down Under; (2) species yet to be formally described; and/or (3) species which have been formally assessed for the IUCN Fungal Red List or need to be assessed. Grants can be a minimum of $500 up to a maximum of $2000. 

Applications for the 2022 Fungimap Research Grants are now open. Applicants may apply for between $500$2000.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are strongly encouraged to apply.

Applications will close Thursday 14th April 2022. Enquiries to Fungimap Coordinator Sophie Green

Important Dates

Grants Open Tuesday 1st March

Applications Due Thursday 14th April 5.00pm AEDT

Successful applicants advised Late April 2022

Funds available from 1 May 2022

Fungimap gratefully acknowledges the generous support of every individual and organisation who have made our Research Grants possible by donating to Fungimap and our Christmas Appeal.