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Use the form below to advise Fungimap and others with an interest in fungi of the existence or initiation of a survey site where fungi are being monitored. If you need any assistance developing a survey protocol or setting up your site, please contact Fungimap at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Submit New Survey Details

Survey Site Name
Contact Name for Survey
Contact Email for Survey
Other Contact Details
Description of Site Locality
Decimal Latitude
Decimal Longitude
Source of Coordinates (GPS, Map, Etc)
State or Territory
Would you like survey assistance from interested individuals?
General Comments about the Site
Purpose of Survey
Will the results be made public?
Where can results be found?
Intended Duration of Survey
Intended Frequency of Surveys
Site Owner/Manager
Permission Required for Entry?
Conditions for Entry, if any
Condition and Difficulty of Site (Access)
How is the site being marked?
Is there a disease risk in this area?
Details of disease risk
Vegetation Classification
Condition and Quality of Vegetation
Habitat Coverage
Disturbance History
Attach Map of Survey Site
Attach Risk Assessment for Site
Further Attachment 1
Further Attachment 2
Further Attachment 3
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The Guide to Surveying Fungi in Australia and development of the Surveying Fungi pages on the Fungimap website was made possible through the generous support of the Cradle Coast Authority.

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