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Fungimap Conservation and Biodiversity Subcommittee

The Fungimap Conservation and Biodiversity Subcommittee consists of experienced mycologists, ecologists, policy-makers and environmental campaigners who work to put Fungimap's conservation objectives, identified in our Strategic Plan 2013-2018, into action.

Their purpose is to:

•    Provide informed input to local, state and federal policy and management documents that cover fungal biodiversity and conservation;
•    Facilitate threat status assessment of fungi and formal listing of threatened fungi, and to engage in the production of relevant action plans;
•    Develop and disseminate knowledge about managing fungi in ecosystems and ensure that it is available and utilised by relevant people;
•    Engage in discussion about lack of attention paid to fungi in conservation and management through media and liaison with management and policy staff, and
•    Publish regular summaries of the state of fungal conservation in Australia (such as through report cards on the number of listed species in each jurisdiction) for wide distribution to fungal interest groups and especially to conservation and land management agencies and other relevant government agencies.

Projects that they plan to be working on over the next few years include:

•    Conducting a threat status assessment for Australian fungi
•    Preparing a guide for submitting nominations for fungi under threatened species legislation
•    Preparing a guide to the best practice for management of habitat for fungi, and for use of fungi in revegetation

Contact Fungimap if you would like to be involved with our conservation projects, or help us succeed by considering donating to Fungimap.

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