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Fungimap eNews

The Fungimap Enews is a free digest of Fungi news containing upcoming events, resources for Fungi identification and Fungal art as well as links to interesting websites and videos.


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Fungimap Newsletter

The Fungimap Newsletter is published about three times a year. It comes with membership of Fungimap, or can be ordered through the Fungimap Bookshop.

Contributions to the Fungimap Newsletter and Fungimap Blog are welcome from members and non-members. Please contact the Fungimap Coordinator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to discuss your idea first. Submissions for ideas should be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and should conform to the Fungimap Newsletter submission guidelines.

Current-year newsletters are available to Fungimap members (Click here to be taken to the login page for members. Once logged in, click on the link in the menu to view Current newsletters. To join Fungimap, click here.)


Fungimap Coordinator's Report
Contacting Fungimap
Fungal Fizz
Getting hooked on fungi: Sally Green’s crochet mushrooms
Purple splash fungi in Australia – there are three species!
Fungimap Conservation & Biodiversity Subcommittee: 2014-2016
Fungimap Events Report
Truffling   Fairyland and Philosophers Falls: My First Fungimap Expedition
Central Coast and Hunter Region Group News
My day in the Fungimap Office
Pisolithus vs Tarmac
Fungi of the Southwest slopes and upper Murray region of NSW field brochures

Fungimap Coordinator's Report
Contacting Fungimap
Fungi hunting on Deal Island
Fungimap records keep on coming in
Fungi Down Under request
10 Things we can all do to help natural areas
Fungimap 2016 announcement
Book review: Admiring the fungi of the Lower Eyre Peninsula
Discovering the macrofungi of the Lower Eyre Peninsula



Fungimap 8 Report
Book Review: Native Plants Hassans Walls Reserve
Fungi and tourism



Fungi in the Helena Aurora Ranges, WA
Project: White Punk
Australian fungi field guides are mushrooming
Book review: Where the slime mould creeps
Sponsor a species update

New fungi field guides, phone apps, and discounts on cultivation courses!
Queensland Fungal Festival 2014
Proceedings of Why Mushrooms and Moulds Matter 2014
Fungimap on Facebook
Sponsor a species in Fungi Down Under 2
Fun Run for the Fungi
A Fungi Herbarium for Anglesea
Proof that the dark-coloured Trametes species is T. versicolor
QMS Fungi Key – Queensland’s Stinkhorns
Fungimap - President’s Report

Fungimap 7 - A Success at Rawson
Limericks from Fungimap 7
Amanita muscaria on Kangaroo Island
Report: International Congress on Fungal Conservation
Fungimap Volunteer News
Fungi Down Under 2nd Edition
Annulohypoxylon hians from the Fungimap 7 Conference
Hypocreopsis goes missing
Fungimap's 100,000th Record
Gippsland black snail
Fungimap member survey results
A Galaxy of Earthstars



Fungimap reflections: the fiftieth Fungimap newsletter
Contacting Fungimap
From the Editor
Fungimap Reflections
Fungimap Chronology

News from the Fungimap Coordinator
Contacting Fungimap / From the Editor
Fungimap AGM Notice
Fungimap 7 Conference Update
Pisolithus in Queensland
Fungimap Records
Fungimap Statistics: 1996-2012
Fungimap data on the web
Aseroe arachnoidea Appearance
Forthcoming Events
New books in the Fungimap bookstore

News from the Fungimap Coordinator
Contacting Fungimap / From the Editor
You can help Fungimap
New target species for Fungimap
You never know what's in that pot plant − the Bird's Nest Fungus revealed
Tubifera bombarda − a tropical slime mould in Tasmania
Fungi Activities
On the exudates of polypore fungi


News from the Fungimap Data Coordinator
Tasmanian Fungi Festival report
Have you seen an Auriscalpium species like this?
Roger Hilton obituary
Sorting the good, the bad & the ugly among fungi names: the example of Fomitopsis
Fomitopsis - rose-fleshed species confusions
How to dye a slug
We're on the map, online & on the way!
Fungi Down Under 2nd edition notice
Book Reviews:  
     The Fungi CD-Fungi in Australia 3rd ed   
     The Edge - a natural history of Tasmania's Great Western Tiers
Funky Fungi takes off in the Mount Lofty Ranges
Meredith Primary School activity
Fungimap Annual President's Report 2011/2012

News from the Fungimap Data Coordinator
Contacting Fungimap / AGM notification
From the Editor
Sphaerosoma trispora article
Atlas of Living Australia update
Tasmanian Fungi Festival update
Request: Leucocoprinus information
Changes to copyright for images
Phallus rubicundus in NSW & ACT
Conservation & Biodiversity roundup
Forthcoming Events

News from the Fungimap Coordinator
Contacting Fungimap
From the Editor
Under Siege!
New Targets for Fungimap
Colour Insert
Observations on Phellorinia herculeana ssp herculeana in SA7
News about Fungal Conservation & Biodiversity
Fungal News


From the Editor
Fungal News:   QLD,    Central Coast,    SA
How do fungi fare in Australia's  Biodiversity Conservation Strategy 2010-2030
Fungimap VI reports
Book review:  Mushrooms of South Africa
Is Marasmiellus affixus a lichen?
Fungimap President's  Report 2010
Fungimap Inc Financial documents

News from the Fungimap Coordinator
From the Editor
Requests: Fungimap VI
Notice: Annual General Meeting
Trichoglossum from SA by Thelma Bridle
A fruitful collaboration: Elaeomyxa cerifera by Sarah Lloyd & Paul George
New websites
Fungimap VI: program
Fungal News: Vic, SA, NSW, WA
Treasurer's position
Forthcoming events

From the Fungimap VI Conference Committee by Katrina Syme
Contacting Fungimap
From the Editor
Kapenta clothing
New membership rates   
Toward a concept for Boletellus ananiceps by Roy Halling
Observations of a slime mould novice by Sarah Lloyd
A new Campanella for Australia-Campanella tristis by Sapphire McMullan-Fisher & Patrick Leonard
New Targets for Fungimap     
Colour plates Insert
Conference report by Pam Catcheside   
Models of Fungi
Book Review: The Kingdom Fungi. Reviewed by Paul George
Fungal News: Vic; WA (PUBF); Central Coast NSW


News from the President by Tom May
Contacting Fungimap
From the Editor
Office Volunteer wanted
Editor Fungimap Newsletter
Fungimap VI
Slippery Jack, a field key to Suillus species by Patrick Leonard & Diane Batchelor
Hidden Treasures: the fungi of the Blue Tier by Sarah Lloyd
Fungimap phenology at Black Sugarloaf by Sarah Lloyd
Blue Tier: Hidden Treasures Colour Insert
A Xylaria from Victoria by Ed Grey & Virgil Hubregtse
Review: The Fungi CD by Ron Nagorcka
A flat, salmon pink fungus by Katrina Syme
Sally Green's crocheted target species by Katrina Syme
Amanita muscaria in WA by Richard Robinson
Fungal News: QMS, SA
President's Report for 2009 by Tom May
Annual financial report 

News from the Co-ordinator by Lee Speedy
Contacting Fungimap
Fungimap Inc Annual General Meeting
Fungimap donations, cost cutting
Fungi in the Kimberley by Matt Barrett
More cryptogams from WA's Rangelands by Katrina Syme
Auricularia sp  by Fran Guard
Inocybe violaceocaulis in SA by Pam Catcheside & Tom May
Fungi in old newspapers by Tom May
Book review by Heino Lepp
Fungal News: FNCV, PUBF
Fungal News: Tas, QMS, SA
Fungi Interest Groups
Forthcoming Fungi Events

Introducing five new lichen target species by Tom May & Pam Catcheside
Contacting Fungimap
Dermocybe confusion by Katrina Syme
An introduction to the lichens by Simone Louwhoff
Lichen alert for Fungimappers by Gintaras Kantvilas
New Lichen targets for Fungimap by Tom May et al
Lichen publications and website by Tom May
Australia's most beautiful fungus? by  Tom May & Steve Axford
Auricularia in Queensland by Patrick Leonard
A fungal curiosity by Tony Young et al
A report from afar … by Alison Pouliot
Keeping Records on a foray by Patrick Leonard
Fungal News: NSW Central Coast
Fungal News: SFSG, QMS
Fungal News: South Australia


News from the Fungimap Co-ordinator 
Contacting Fungimap
Instructions to authors 
Fungimap V conference by Yvonne Maher
The Blue Tier by Sarah Lloyd
Phoenicoid discomycetes of KI  by Pam Catcheside
Obituary: Roy Freere by Ray & Elma Kearney
Reports: Sydney Fungal Studies Group
Lepiotoid genera in S-E QLD: booklet 
Fungi, sites & adventures in Tasmania by Patricia Harrisson
Fungal News: CCFG, NSW
Fungal News: QMS
Fungal News: FNCV, VIC
Contact local groups
President's Report
Committee of Management Report
Statement of Financial Performance and Position

News from the Fungimap Co-ordinator 
Contacting Fungimap 
Fungimap Inc AGM; from the Editor
Fungi/cryptogams in WA Rangelands by  Katrina Syme
Laccocephalums on Kangaroo Island  by Richard Robinson
Collection of  Laccocephalum  in Qld    by Jane Thompson
Laetiporus portentosus by John Kinsella
Climate change & Brisbane Macrofungi  by Tony Young & Nigel Fechner
Sun flies by Sarah Lloyd
Hyphaweb; Handy Hint
New Science Information Sheets from WA by Neale Bougher
A fungus that is an ascomycete and a basidiomycete by Heino Lepp
Fungal News: PUBF 200811
Fungal News: SEQ-Qld13 
Fungal News: CCFG,NSW14
Fungimap Fact Sheet Database by Tom May & Paul George
Book review: Brush with Gondwana  by Helen Cohn
Fungimap V Conference
Forthcoming Events
Instructions to authors


News from the Fungimap Co-ordinator by Lee Speedy
Contacting Fungimap
From the Editor, Instructions for authors
Collating information on fungi in Australian policy & strategy documents by T May
Yellow/orange Amanitas by Sapphire McMullan-Fisher
Mycoacia subceracea by Barbara Paulus
New additions in WA's Flora Conservation codes by Neale Bougher
New Fungimap target species
Fungimap survey on Kangaroo Island by Paul George
Fungi-mapping in Ivanhoe, Melbourne by Robert Bender
Phallus merulinus in the top end by Matt Barrett & Ben Stuckey
Exhibition Review: In Plain View by Sarah Lloyd
Fungal News: PUBF 2008
Fungal News: SA, SEQ - QMS
The Fungal Initiative by Pam O'Sullivan

News from the Fungimap Co-ordinator 
Contacting Fungimap
From the Editor, Instructions for authors
Surveys: Macrofungi on Fraser Island
Boletus, Boletum & Pilz by Heino Lepp
Never underestimate a fungus! by Genevieve Gates
Arrhenia sp, a small Omphalina-like fungus by Katrina Syme
Report: 22nd  New Zealand Fungal Foray by David Ratkowsky
Report: Perth Urban Bushland Fungi by Roz  Hart
Fungal News: NSW Central Coast
NSW Central Coast (contd), Tasmania , Victoria, SA
News SEQ, Fungi CD
Forthcoming events
Annual Report

President's Column by Tom May
Contacting Fungimap
From the Editor
Donor Gift Recipient status for Fungimap by John Carpenter
Victorian Leaf-inhabiting lichens, please by Pat McCarthy
Meeting: Australasian Lichenologists
Fungi in a suburban garden by Heino Lepp
Fungi records in the middle, at the edge and on the top by Tom May
A name and a novel distribution for Hypocreopsis sp 'Nyora' by Tom May
Project: fungi in long-unburnt and recently burnt bush by Jarred Pedro
Fungal News
Forthcoming events
Instructions for authors


News from the Fungimap Co-ordinator
From the Editor
Contacting Fungimap
The upside of documenting fungi in WA by Katrina Syme
First Fungimap record of Cordyceps gunnii in WA by Richard Robinson
A Russula lost by Patrick Leonard
Variation in Plectania campylospora by Patrick Leonard
What's been happening in Canberra by Heino Lepp
PUBF, Sept 2007 by the PUBF team
Fungal collections from the Northern Simpson Desert by Elaine Davison
Central Coast News by Pam O’Sullivan
News from Vic, SA & WA
Book Reviews:
   Chasing the Rain by Tom May
   Fungi out West by Graham Patterson

News from the Fungimap Co-ordinator 
Contacting Fungimap
Fungi Interest Groups
From the Editor
Request for volunteers
The Fungimap round  
Fungimap IV by Noreen & Ray Baxter 
Curious caps by Richard Robinson
Fungal News: Regions
Club contacts
President's Report  by Tom May
Financial Report by John Carpenter

News from the Fungimap Co-ordinator
Contacting Fungimap
Fungi Interest Groups
From the Editor
Austroboletus mutabilis in Australia by Roy Halling
Fungi in abundance following bushfires in WA by Richard Robinson
Geotrupid beetles & mycorrhizal fungi
An unexpected discovery by Katrina Syme
Introduced earthworms by Sarah Lloyd
Fungi survey WA by Katrina Syme
Fungal News: Regions
Forthcoming events


News from the Fungimap Co-ordinator 
Contacting Fungimap
Fungi Interest Groups
From the Editor
Volunteer Opportunity
New Titles in the bookshop
Obituary: Gretna Weste
Book Review: The Magical World of Fungi
Fungal News: Tasmania, Queensland, WA, NSW, Vic, SA
Recherche Bay
Forthcoming events

News from the Fungimap President
Contacting Fungimap
Fungi Interest Groups 
Editor of the Australasian Mycologist
From the Fungimap Editor
Myxomycetes in Australia by Steve Stephenson
Fungal News: Tasmania, WA, Victoria, SE Queensland, SA
The mushroom of immortality at the NGV by Katrina Syme
Fungimap Annual Report by John Carpenter
Acknowledgements: Fungimap recorders, office volunteers

News from the Fungimap President
Contacting Fungimap
Fungi Interest Groups
From the Editor
The Hawaiian fungus Agaricus rotalis in Australia by Neale Bougher
Rhacophyllus lilacinus in the Kimberley Region of WA by Matthew Barrett
Dung beetles with a taste for mushrooms by Chris Burwell 
Fungi in William Bay NP, WA by Katrina Syme
Fungimap - colour supplement
Slime Moulds Report on talk given by Paul George, by Virgil Hubregtse
Two new fungi in SA by Pam Catcheside
A butterfly and a stinkhorn by Heino Lepp
Cotylidia undulata: a rare species in Europe by Richard Robinson
Perth Urban bushland Fungi Project by Roz Hart

News from the Fungimap President
Contacting Fungimap
Fungi Interest Groups
From the Editor
8th International Mycological Congress
Rules for collecting
Request to members
Fungal News: Tasmania, NSW, south coast WA. Qld, SA
Giant Bracket Fungus
Forthcoming events
Acknowledgements: Fungimap records, donations and office volunteers


News from the Fungimap President
Fungimap Committee
Interesting Groups
From the editor
Membership Fees 2006
Fungimap Bookshop
My memory and the problem of ever-changing fungi names
A Belated Farewell
Fungimap III, Gowrie Park, Tasmania
Fungal News: Victoria, Tas, far north Qld, south coast WA, NSW, SA
Acknowledgments: Fungimap Recorders

News from the Fungimap President
Fungimap Committee
Interesting Groups
Letter: Fungi Study in the USA
Simply Podoserpula
Common Mushrooms of Talamanca Mts
Book orders
Fungal News: SA, ACT, Tas, WA, Cairns, NSW
Forthcoming Events, Contacts, PUBF
Acknowledgments: Fungimap Recorders
Founding Donors

News from the Fungimap Convenor 
Contacting Fungimap 
Interesting Groups  
Fungimap Welcomes it’s 1000th  Member 
Agenda: Special Fungimap Meeting 
Myxomycetes of New Zealand 
Slime mould images
News from Regional Coordinators
Fungi Conference Brisbane
The Forgotten flora revealed
Forthcoming Events
Acknowledgments: Fungimap Recorders
Founding Donations


Contacting Fungimap
Interesting Groups
Book Review: A Field Guide to the Fungi of Australia
Fungimap – colour supplement
Fungimap Incorporated
Draft Fungimap Constitution
News from  Regional Coordinators and Groups
Forthcoming Events
Founding Donations

News from the Fungimap Coordinator
Contacting Fungimap
Interesting Groups
Interesting Websites
Cryptogamic Extravaganza
The Future of Fungimap
A Different View of Winter
Fungimap Book – Progress Report
New and Interesting Publications on Fungi 
Do Suit Yourself with Surveys 
Musical Mushrooms 
The Genus Mycena in South-Eastern Australia
Spore Print
Perth Urban Bushland Fungi Project 
Observations of Omphalotus nidiformis
Regional Coordinators News
Colour References for Description of Fungi 
Forthcoming Events
Acknowledgments: Fungimap Recorders

Contacting Fungimap
Interesting Groups
Interesting Websites
Volunteer opportunities
Surveys for Macrofungi, by Richard Robinson
Fungi of the South West Coast Region, WA by Katrina Syme
New & interesting publications on Australasian fungi
Spore Print
Fungimap species in Flinders Chase National Park, by Pam Catcheside
Regional Coordinators News
Forthcoming events


Contacting Fungimap
Interesting Groups and Websites
Ian McCann – An Appreciation
Australian Fungi Illustrated by Ian McCann
Fungimap Targets
The 2nd National Fungimap Conference
Treading Softly
Flavours of Fungimap – colour supplement
The 11th  International Fungi & Fibre Symposium
Regional Coordinator News
WA FSG: Nanga Foray Report
Fungi of the South-West Forests by Richard Robinson
Forthcoming Events
FNCV Fungi Foray: Bunyip State Forest
Fungimap Book
Plant Conservation

Contacting Fungimap
Interesting Groups & Websites
Unearthing Australia's Extraordinary Truffles
Cup and Saucer and Flask Fungi
2nd National Fungimap Conference: Talks Programme
Listing of Waxcap Fungi under the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act
Alpine Fungus Invades Kew
Book Review: Mushrooms of Hawai'i – an identification guide by Hemmes & Desjardin
Regional Coordinator News (NSW, SA, Tas, WA)
Forthcoming Events


Contacting Fungimap
Interesting Groups & Websites
Using a Web-browser to Locate Photos of Fungi
What are the differences between two superficially  similar species of Austroboletus?
The Missing Target – Uromyces politus
2nd  National Fungimap Conference:
Fungimap Book
A Mystery Fungus
Book Review: Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi by Taylor F Lockwood
Regional Coordinator News (WA, SA, Tas, NSW)
The 11th International Fungi and Fibre Symposium
Forthcoming Events

Contacting Fungimap
Interesting Groups & Websites
The Why and How of Surveys for Fungi II
Fungimap Coordinators’ Conference
Excitement in Kuitpo Forest
Post Conference Foray
Regional Coordinator News (Tas, SA, WA, ACT, NSW, VIC)
Red Wattlebirds and Toadstools
Fungimap Results: Amanita muscaria
Forthcoming Events
2nd  National Fungimap Conference
Donnelly River Foray

Contacting Fungimap
Interesting Groups & Websites
Fungimap Resources Update
The Why and How of Surveys for Fungi I
Fungimap Book
Common Names for Fungimap Target Species
Regional Coordinator News
Encounter 2002 – a Fungus from Mt Brown, SA
We Need Your Help This Mushroom Season
Fungimap Species in Africa
Forthcoming Events


Contacting Fungimap 
Interesting Groups & Websites
Chocolate truffles – a mystery solved?
Giant mushroom – another mystery solved 
Fungimap Resources Update
Fungimap Conference Report
Regional Coordinator News
Fungi in Walpole, SW of southern WA 
The show must go on!
Comparison of Hygrocybe cheelii & H reesiae
Forthcoming Events

Contacting Fungimap
Sydney Fungal Studies Group
The Vic Nat Colour Fungi Issue
A new Podaxis
The Fungimap CD-ROM Launch
Fungimap Conference
Fungi don’t have leaves, do they?
Fungi from Kelly’s Bush
Upcoming events


The Fungimap coordinator 
A Fungimap Wishlist 
Delays expected 
Anemone &Starfish fungus
Name Changes 
Hunting for Target Species 
Polyporus mylittae 
A Month in my Fungarden
Upcoming events
How to contact Fungimap

Fungimap coordinator 
Call for Photos  
Photographing fungi
Fungi distribution maps 
SA Fungimap  
Autumn fungi  
Upcoming events
How to contact Fungimap


Fungimap News
What is Fungimap?
Records of Target Species
Studies on The Distribution Of Australian Macrofungi
A preliminary bioclimatic analysis of the distribution of Mycena inferrupta
From Pat Grey's Desk
Twenty Targets on One Trip
A Discussion on Dermocybe
Split Gill Host Specificity
Murrumbidgee Field Naturalists Club
A Summer Fungus Foray in Maine, USA
Regional co-ordinators
Take Care with Toxic Fungi
Records of Target Species

Workshop--Southern NSW/NE Victoria
Records of Target Species
What is Fungimap?
The Role Of Fungi
Research Questions
How did it all start?
Split Gill as a human pathogen
Addendum To Updates To Fungimap Target List: 50 NewTarget Species
Spore Print by Tom May
Unusual Records
Cat Lovers Beware
Recent articles on Australian Fungi
The history of Amanita phalloides in Australia
Regional Co-ordinators
Regional Workshop Southern NSW/NE Victoria
Take Care with Toxic Fungi

Dung Update
New Target Species
100 species list
List and brief description of new 50 species
Hypogeous Fungi and Gilbert's Potoroo
Miscellaneous News and Information


Drought - it's now broken?
Mt Buffalo Research
Welcome to New Fungi-Hunters
What is Fungimap?
Fungimap Target Species
Lats and Longs
Acknowledgements and significant records
2,000th record reached since the last newsletter
How do we tell ? Where can I find photographs?
Mycoacia subceracea - an 'image' problem
Mycena austrororida
Additions To Target Species
Dung Collections March - July 1998
Maps Focus On Tasmania
Record Of The Year

The new fungi season starts!
What is Fungimap?
Fungimap Target Species
From Pat Grey's desk
Fungal specimens on dung
Entoloma virescens in Victoria
Target Species Premiership Table
Fungimap targets expand to cover rare species
More knowledge is required about rare Australian fungi
Suggestions for 50 rare targets
Two species in the same basket -- Ileodictyon gracile and Ileodictyon cibarium
Raymond Island Workshop
Recent publications on conservation of Australian fungi


Are we successful?
Fungi Identification -- John Julian
Schizophyllum Defining characteristics
An introduction to earth stars
Mushroom Dung Beetles by Ian Faithfull
Grid references

200 Volunteers and Our Own Homepage!
Mt Buffalo Trip
Volunteer Numbers Growing
10,000 Records
Kids and Fungi
A Field Companion to Australian Fungi by Bruce Fuhrer
Fungi Identification : Marasmius, Mycena
Taking a Spore Print
Dung samples arriving
Watch out for Yellow Staining Mushrooms
Mushroom Poisoning Study
Notes on target species: Aseroë rubra v Anthurus archeri
What if I am not sure of the identification?
Why are the target species common?
A fungal foray in the Australian Alps
Fungi from Mount Buffalo National Park
Amanita muscaria
Fungi Books

Fungimap grows and gets going for `97
1996 Results
Fungi identification: Omphalina Defining characteristics
Records from the National Collection of Fungi
Recording sheets
Updated target species list
Fungi of Australia
Collection techniques
Books and kits
Aseroë rubra
Distribution of Aseroë rubra based on selected Fungimap records submitted in 1995/1996
Target species


Success for Fungimap!
A special thank you to the Sydney Myer Foundation
Fungi identification:   Amanita ,  Coprinus
Wattle Park
Books and kits
Rus Shulla's Column
100 Species Booklet
The 300th record
The 400th record
Recent publications
Question corner
Accuracy of records
Interesting records
Aseroë rubra
Re-identifications of illustrations in field guides to Australian fungi

Volunteer Fungimap project off to flying start!
Fungimap barometer
Research objectives and research questions
Background to Research
Research Questions Addressed by a Mapping Scheme
Volunteer of the month
Record of the month
Books and kits
A Glossary of Terms A Beginners Guide - by Rus Shulla
What do I do about grid reference?
Follow-up records
Old Records
How did it all start?
Fungi Kit
Field Trip to Wattle Park
Beginning an interest in fungi - Part 1

Fungi mapping project up and running
Pilot mapping scheme colour brochure now
Fungi kit now available
Identification notes
Mapping notes
Who to contact
Volunteer effort recognition
Record of the month

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