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Volunteering Skills Sought


  • Artists, photographers, illustrators and designers

    Fungimap has a number of projects coming up for print and online publications that would be greatly enhanced by the involvement of visual artists and designers.

  • Students and researchers

    Students and researchers are welcome to use our data for their research as long as Fungimap is appropriately credited and the outcomes of the research will be publicly available. If you are interested in doing research on Australian fungi but are unsure of the topic, see our suggested research topics here.

    Additionally, opportunities occasionally arise for internships to assist with producing research reports or analysing data.

    Finally, student helpers are required for our annual events; students receive a scholarship to attend the conference or festival in return for assisting the Coordinator for a few hours prior to and during the event.

  • Environmental experts and botanists

    Fungimap produces a number of high-quality educational products, such as Fungi Down Under and the Fungimap CD-Rom which would not be possible without the volunteered input of our network of professional and highly-trained amateur mycologists, environmental scientists, and botanists.

  • Speakers, Educators, and Science Communicators

    Fungimap would welcome speakers and educators who are comfortable manning community/information stalls at community events, giving talks/leading forays for groups in their own community, or who would be interested in putting together print or other educational materials about Australian fungi to be delivered to youth or adult audiences. Some knowledge of Australian fungi is desired, but of greater importance is good oral and written communication skills and an ability to get people excited about Australia's magnificent fungal diversity. Resources and training are available.


Contact Fungimap at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to express an interest in volunteering with us.

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