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Sponsor a species


Fungimap is excited to announce 'sponsor a species': your opportunity to be a part of Australian fungal history!

Fungimappers are busy working towards publishing a second edition of Fungimap's highly successful field guide to Australian fungi, Fungi Down Under. This project involves hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of volunteer time to identify and record the species, convert this data into maps, describe the species, source the images and manage the project, etc. We're offering Fungimappers the opportunity to donate to the Austral Fungi Fund which will help us publish the book.

Species are avialable for sponsorship, these are from the first edition of Fungi Down Under and an additional 100 species that will be published in Fungi Down Under 2. Many of these species can be seen on our online field guide.

Your donation as part of Sponsor a species supports the Austral Fungi Fund. The AFF supports the work of Fungimap in advancing knowledge and conservation of Australian fungi, such as through publication of field guides, organising training workshops and preparing submissions that assist public policy development. Fungimap will be pleased to acknowledge your donation in the following ways:

• Acknowledgement of your donation in the print and, if relevant, e-book editions of Fungi Down Under 2. Your donation will also be acknowledged in the Fungi Down Under Online Field Guide, and in the Fungimap Newsletter.

• An A4 certificate of appreciation, and also a proof of the A5 page of the species that has been sponsored once the hard copy book is printed (expected to be in 2018).

• A tax invoice detailing your tax deductible contribution to the Austral Fungi Fund.

Please note only individuals and not-for-profit groups are eligible for their Sponsor a Species donation to be tax-deductible. Businesses can still Sponsor a Species, but the donation would not be tax deductible.

For all questions, please contact us.

Many of the species are avialable for sponsorship through our online shop. A list of all the currently available species are listed below, please contact us directly if a species is not yet in the shop:

AGARICS Agaricus xanthodermus BIRD’S NESTS Sphaerobolus stellatus
AGARICS Amanita arenaria [=Torrendia arenaria] BOLETES Laccocephalum hartmannii
AGARICS Amanita austroviridis group BOLETES Phlebopus marginatus
AGARICS Asterophora mirabilis BRACKETS Piptoporus australiensis
AGARICS Cantharellus concinnus CHANTERELLES Craterellus cornucopioides
AGARICS Cortinarius austroalbidus CHANTERELLES Helvella chinensis
AGARICS Cortinarius sublargus CLUBS Underwoodia beatonii
AGARICS Hypholoma brunneum CORALS Clavaria amoena [=Clavulinopsis amoena]
AGARICS Inocybe violaceocaulis CRUSTS, CUSHIONS, BALLS AND FLASKS Annulohypoxylon bovei [=Hypoxylon bovei]
AGARICS Marasmius oreades CRUSTS, CUSHIONS, BALLS AND FLASKS Hypoxylon howeianum
AGARICS Oudemansiella radicata group CRUSTS, CUSHIONS, BALLS AND FLASKS Neobarya agaricicola [=Barya agaricicola]
AGARICS Pleurotus australis CUPS & DISCS Aleuria rhenana
AGARICS Roridomyces (Mycena) austrororida CUPS & DISCS Aleurina ferruginea [=Jafneadelphus ferrugineus]
AGARICS Simocybe phlebophora CUPS & DISCS Ascocoryne sarcoides
AGARICS Volvopluteus gloiocephalus (Volvariella speciosa) CUPS & DISCS Banksiamyces macrocarpus
POLYPORES Gloeophyllum concentricum CUPS & DISCS Cookeina insititia [=Boedijnopeziza insititia, Microstoma insititium]
POLYPORES Hexagonia vesparia [=H. gunnii] CUPS & DISCS Scutellinia scutellata group
POLYPORES Laetiporus portentosus [=Piptoporus portentosus] FALSE TRUFFLES Gymnogaster boletoides
POLYPORES Microporus affinis JELLIES Heterotextus peziziformis group [including Heterotextus miltinus]
POLYPORES Neolentiporus maculatissimus LASCHIOIDS Favolaschia calocera
POLYPORES Panellus (Dictyopanus) pusillus LICHENS Badimiella pteridophila [=Badimiella serusiauxii]
SLIME MOULDS Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa LICHENS Xanthoparmelia semiviridis [=Chondropsis semiviridis]
SLIME MOULDS Fuligo septica PINS Chlorovibrissea bicolor
SMOOTH or WRINKLED FUNGI Auricularia delicata group PINS Vibrissea dura
SMOOTH or WRINKLED FUNGI Cotylidia undulata POLYPORES Aurantiporus pulcherrimus [=Tyromyces pulcherrimus]
SMOOTH or WRINKLED FUNGI Cymatoderma elegans STINKHORNS Claustula fischeri

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