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Please help support Fungimap's projects to develop educational materials, promote Australian fungal biodiversity and conservation, and undertake fungal taxonomic research.

Fungi are known to have a vital role in the ecosystem as decomposers, as pathogens and as partners in mutualisms (symbioses) such as mycorrhizas. Without fungi, our life on earth would be vastly different, if it existed at all. Yet conservation of this kingdom is hampered by the lack of basic knowledge about fungi; it is critical that this knowledge be gained as quickly as possible.

Your donation will help to contribute to our knowledge and appreciation of Australian fungi through:

  • Conservation projects that target species in need of protection, including lobbying to include fungi in biodiversity and conservation strategies;
  • Scientific research to collect and evaluate information on fungi, including formally describing new species;
  • Education and engagement initiatives that raise awareness such as the bi-ennial Fungimap Festival and increasing observations of fungi from under-recorded regions such as the Northern Territories;
  • The development of new educational products such as Fungi Down Under 2 and the free Fungi Down Under Online;
  • Setting up survey and monitoring programs in every state and territory in Australia;

Fungimap Inc. has Deductible Gift Recipient status and all donations above $2.00 are tax deductible. A tax-receipt will be provided for all donations.

Support Fungimap with a once-off donation.

To donate once off, either send a cheque to "Fungimap Inc" at c/o Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne,  Private Bag 2000,  South Yarra VIC 3141,  or click on the link below to donate via credit card or bank transfer using Paypal (you do not have to have or register for a PayPal account). Donations are normally acknowledged in the Fungimap newsletter, so please let us know if you would prefer to be anonymous.

Support Fungimap with a recurring donation.

Regular donations are a great way to support Fungimap as they provide an ongoing and consistent stream of income, allowing us to better manage our business. Regular donors receive a small thank you pack and a tax invoice and the end of the financial year.

There are two ways to donate regularly: you can use the links below to set up a PayPal account or you can contact us for our bank details and set up regular transactions through your own internet banking (direct debit). Either way, you manage your donation and the transactions are secure.

Donations are normally acknowledged in the Fungimap newsletter, so please let us know if you would prefer to be anonymous

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