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Staff, Volunteers, and Committee Membership


Tim Entwistle


Fungimap Management Committee

Tom May (President)

Roz Hart (Vice-President)

Sara Romberg (Treasurer)

Paul George (Secretary)

Jasmin Packer

Lyn Allison



Sapphire McMullan-Fisher (Fungimap Co-ordinator & Fungimap Mycologist)




Wendy Cook, Tarquin Netherway, Graham Patterson, Luke Vaughan, Ben Sharp, and Sara Romberg

 (Fungimap Office)

Christina Hall (Newsletter Editor)

Ben Sharp and Lachlan Tegart (Facebook)

Hannah Noorda (Fungimap Events)



Austral Fungi Fund - Fran Guard, Pam Catcheside, Tom Jeavons and Tom May (Chair).

Conservation & Biodiversity - Sapphire McMullan-Fisher (Chair), Alison Pouliot, Lyn Allison, Jasmin Packer, Roz Hart, Sandra Abell and Tom May.

Data and Images - inactive.

Funding & Promotion - inactive.

FDU2 Working Group - Pam Catcheside & Tom May (Co-ordinators), Mathew Barrett, Thelma Bridle, Paul George, Geoff Lay, Teresa Lebel, Patrick Leonard, Heino Lepp, Sarah Lloyd, Sapphire McMullan-Fisher, Pam O'Sullivan, Richie Robinson, Katrina Syme, Kirsten Tullis.

Communications Working Group - Lyn Allison (Chair)

Records Working Group - Paul George (Chair)



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