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Do you have a fungi-related query such as finding out the name of a fungus that you have found growing, or whether a certain fungus is poisonous? Please read our FAQ's.

Asking for an Identification

Fungimap can help you identify an fungus, however please help us help you by including the information listed here. This means we will be more likely to be able to identify it, and, we can enter the data into our National Australian Fungimap Database, meaning it will help scientists research fungi in the future.

Volunteers aim to respond to emails requesting an identification within 10 business days, but this can take longer during autumn when the number of enquiries increase. Please note that not all species of Australian fungi have been described by science and we may not be able to identify the fungus.

If you have an urgent identification query you can contact the Identification Services of your state herbarium, or the Identification Services of the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne (Please note that there may be fees for these services).


National Office

Fungimap Inc
c/o Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne
Private Bag 2000
South Yarra Victoria 3141

Telephone: (03) 9252 2374
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

While visitors are welcome at the Fungimap offices, please contact us first to schedule an appointment to confirm that staff will be available to meet with you.





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