Images please

We (editors Tom May, Pam Catcheside, Sarah Lloyd) would be grateful for images of any of the Fungimap target species that are proposed for the second edition. These are shown in bold in the lists that can be accessed in the link:

The second edition of Fungi Down Under is well under way. This edition will have 100 further species, bringing the total number of species to 200. We will also be including pages giving further information on each of the major groups covered in the book.

Amanita flavella

Entoloma viridomarginatum

Annulohypoxylon bovei

Gyromitra tasmanica

Cladia muelleri

Henningsomyces candidus

Cortinarius canarius

Hexagonia vesparia

Cortinarius globuliformis

Inocybe violaceocaulis

Cribbea turbinispora

Itajaya hornseyi

Cruentomycena viscidocruenta

Laccaria sp. ‘A’

Cyclocybe parasitica

Lentinellus tasmanicus

Entoloma austroroseum

Leucocoprinus birnbaumii


Please send jpeg images at LOW resolution, i.e. 72 dpi and no larger than about 4 MB. Please DO NOT crop your photographs. Please rename every file you send with:

Name of fungus – can be abbreviated, e.g. Nidularia sp. could be Nid sp

Name of photographer – can be initials (if regular contributor to Fungimap)

It is essential for us to have your permission to use your photographs in the field guide so please send a completed copyright permission form: with your images to Pam Catcheside ( Photographers will of course be acknowledged in the book.

Pam Catcheside, Tom May, Sarah Lloyd.