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Sponsor a species


Fungimap is excited to announce 'sponsor a species': your opportunity to be a part of Australian fungal history!

Fungimappers are busy working towards publishing a second edition of Fungimap's highly successful field guide to Australian fungi, Fungi Down Under. This project involves hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of volunteer time to identify and record the species, convert this data into maps, describe the species, source the images and manage the project, etc. We're offering Fungimappers the opportunity to donate to the Austral Fungi Fund which will help us publish the book.

The minimum to sponsor a species is $100. We will be auctioning the 25 most popular species (as voted by the FDU2 team) from Fungi Down Under at the Queensland Fungi Festival. The list of these is below - if you'd like to get a bid in before then, get in touch!

The remaining 75 species from the first edition of Fungi Down Under will be released mid May, and you will be able to sponsor them by purchasing online, or calling us to arrange the payment. The list of the second 100 species that will be published in Fungi Down Under 2 has not been finalised yet. As this information becomes available, the second 100 species will be released for sponsoring. We’ll publicise this on our website, on our Facebook page, and by emailing and mailing our members.

Your donation as part of Sponsor a species supports the Austral Fungi Fund. The AFF supports the work of Fungimap in advancing knowledge and conservation of Australian fungi, such as through publication of field guides, organising training workshops and preparing submissions that assist public policy development. Fungimap will be pleased to acknowledge your donation in the following ways:

• Acknowledgement of your donation in the print and, if relevant, e-book editions of Fungi Down Under 2. Your donation will also be acknowledged in the Fungi Down Under Online Field Guide, and in the Fungimap Newsletter.

• An A4 certificate of appreciation, and also a proof of the A5 page of the species that has been sponsored once the hard copy book is printed (expected to be in 2016).

• A tax invoice detailing your tax deductible contribution to the Austral Fungi Fund.

Please note only individuals and not-for-profit groups are eligible for their Sponsor a Species donation to be tax-deductible. Businesses can still Sponsor a Species, but the donation would not be tax deductible.

For all questions, please contact us.

 The 25 most popular species, to be auctioned, are (you can learn more about them on Fungi Down Under Online):

Mycena interrupta

Aseroe rubra

Podoserpula pusio

Cyttaria gunnii

Boletellus obscurecoccineus

Amanita xanthocephala

Pseudohydnum gelatinosum

Cortinarius persplendidus (Dermocybe splendida)

Cortinarius metallicus

Cyptotrama aspratum

Omphalotus nidiformis

Hericium coralloides

Mycena nargan

Entoloma virescens group

Phallus indusiatus

Amanita muscaria

Cortinarius austrovenetus (Dermocybe austroveneta)

Cortinarius rotundisporus

Porpolomopsis (Hygrocybe) lewellinae

Cruentomycena (Mycena) viscidocruenta

Coprinus comatus

Anthracophyllum archeri

Gymnopilus junonius

Geastrum fornicatum

Ileodictyon cibarium


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